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Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Boy discovers horse (3), they build a house (6).

Boy marries sultan's daughter (7).

Death of father (4).

Demon offers medicine (1).

Demon, son given to (2).

People come to feast (5).

Sultan has three sons born (2).

Where published-— 'S'/m/^J^i Tales, by Edward Steere. London, 1870. Story No. 12, pp. 380—389.

Nature of Collection, whether :—

1. Original or translation. — Translated from Swahili by Dr. Steere.

2. If hy word of mouth sta,te narrator^ s name. — Told to Dr. Steere by

Hamisi wa Kayi, or Khamis bin Abubekr.

3. Other imrtioulars.

Special Points noted by the Editor of the above— ^*^- Remarks by the Tabulator—iVtZ.

(Signed) Janet Key.