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that a son of Adam does you wrong for the good you do, which is true, for that man has done me harm for good." Matter was explained to Sultan, who said offending man deserved to be put in sleeping mat and drowned.

Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Boy follows father's occupation (1).

Gratitude to deliverer of ape (6), lion (7), snake (9).

Ingratitude of man (8).

Traps, caught in, ape (2), snake (3), lion (4), man (6).

Where published. — SwaMU Tales, by Edward Steere. Loudon, 1870. Story No. 16, pp. 425-433.

Nature of Collection, whether:—

1. Original or translation.— Tvfm\i\aX\on from Swahili.

2. Jf T)y word of mouth, state narrator^s name. Told to Dr. Steere by

Munyi Khatibu, native of Mtang'ata (place opposite Isle of Pemba). It represents dialect of that coast, which has many small peculiarities.

3. Other particulars.

Special Points noted by the Editor of the above. -iv^i?.

Remarks by the Tabulator.— story related to group of helpful animals, for references to which cf. Miss lloalfo Cox's remarks in No. 19, ante, p. 57.

(Signed) Janet Key.