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approval by the most part. Another system of analysis was suggested by M. Ploix, having exceedingly minute divisions and subdivisions. M. Cordier was to make a report. It was strongly urged that the English proposal should be at least described, if not actually recommended.

It was proposed with general approbation that Congresses should be regularly held every two or three years, the next in London.

The members of the Congress were hospitably entertained, both officially and privately. Prince Roland Bonaparte gave them a sumptuous dinner, while they listened to the wild music of the Roumanian gypsies. There were official receptions at the Ministries, a most interesting international Folklore concert at the Salle de Sociétés Savantes, Quartier Latin, under the scholarly direction of M. Jules Tiersot, of the Conservatoire, and a Mother Goose’s dinner at the historic Café Corazza, in the Palais Royal, where the excellence of the menu was surpassed by the good humour and enjoyment of the guests. Many a song was sung; not the least amongst those applauded was M. Leland’s gypsy ballad with the finger chorus, in which all joined.

In fact, the Congress passed off remarkably well. All departed with, a confirmed sense of the importance of their work, with a vigorous impulse to continue working, and a desire to meet again.