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and chickens with divining-rod ; queen sends down for pilgrim woman, wants to buy them; woman says price is that queen shall herself show pilgrim the whale in fish-pond. Queen takes her there, pilgrim touches water with rod, bids whale swallow queen. — (7) This done she goes into queen's bed, hides herself with coverlets, pretends to be ill, sends for king, tells him, after some persuasion, that the only cure for her is the blood of the viceroy. King, bent on saving her at any price, has viceroy imprisoned ready to be slain. — (8) Viceroy, from prison, looks out on fishpond, there comes up voice to him out of whale, " Save me, save me, my brother, for here am I imprisoned in the whale, and behold two children are born to me." Brother answers that he cannot help, being himself bound ready to be slain. Voice of lamentation out of whale attracts gardener ; he goes to king, begs him to come himself to hear the voice wailing. King goes down, recognises queen's voice, commands whale to be ripped open, he sees queen and two children, embraces them, says, "Who then is in the queen's bed? " Queen, seeing her, says it is her stepmother. King pronounces her a witch, she is put to death, and viceroy set at liberty.

Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Ashes strewn on ground to show way (2).

Birth of heroine's children in whale (8).

Blood of heroine's brother required as cure by pretended queen (7).

Cake made for children (2, 3).

Children borne in whale (8).

Divining-rod used by stepmother (6).

Golden hen and chickens called up by rod (6).

Marriage promised conditionally (1).

Millet strewn to show the way, eaten by birds (3).

Stepmother, hates children, gets rid of them (2, 3).

Substituted bride (17).

Whale, in fish-pond swallows heroine (6).

Widower marries teacher (1).

Where published.— i^^^Z^Zore of Home, by K. H. Busk. London, 1874. Tale No. 6, pp. 40-45.

Nature of Collection, whether :—

1. Original or Translation. Told in Italian to Miss Busk. 2.1fhy word of mouthy state narrator^ s name. 3. Other particulars.

Special Points noted by the Editor of the above.—See Author's notes,

p. 45.

Remarks by the Tabulator.— See Grimm's " Brother and Sister," " Three Little Men in the Wood," and " Hansel and Grethel," tabulated by Miss Roalfe Cox, Nos. 11, 14, and 17, for various incidents, also Tabulator's

notes to the same.

(Signed) Isabella Baeclay.