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delayed, will now be taken vigorously in hand, and as soon as possible issued; the tabulation and analysis of folktales and custom has been worked at during the past year by

Miss Marian Koalfe Cox,

Miss Janet Key,

Miss Isabella Barclay ;

and other members of the Society are preparing to help in the same manner. During the past year tales have been tabulated from Grimm's Household Tales, Steere's Swahili Tales, Busk's Folklore of Rome, Theal's Kaffir Folklore, and Rink's Tales of the Eskimo. Other volumes are in hand and the following tables will show the progress of this work : —




^Hitain and



Vernaleken's " In the Land of Marvels,"

Folktales from Austria and Bohemia.

1884. (60 tales.) Busk's " Household Tales from the Land

of Hofer." (Tirol.) 1871. (22 tales.) Campbell's "Popular Tales of the West

Highlands," 1860-1862. (80 tales.) Chambers' " Popular Rhymes of Scotland,"

1841. (pp. 48-108.) Folklore Society's publications : chiefly

" Record " and " Journal." Guest's " Mabinogion." 1 877. Halliwell's " Nursery Rhymes and Nursery

Tales of Old England." (pp. 146-204.) Hunt's " Popular Romances of the West of

England." Croker's " Pairy Legends of Ireland."

1825-1826. (38 tales.) Joyce's " Old Celtic Romances " 1879. Kennedy's " Legendary Fictions of the

Irish Celts." 1866. (10 tales.) Kennedy's " Fireside Stories of Ireland."

1870. (51 tales.)

Kennedy's " Bardic Stories of Ireland.'*

1871. (10 tales.)

Wilde's "Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland." 2 vols. 1887.



Mr. Alfeed Nutt.

Mr. Ordish.

Mr. H. B. Evans.

Mr. J. J. Foster. Mr. H. B. Wheat- ley.

Mrs. Gomme.

Tales completed.