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It was moved by Dr. Gaster, seconded, and resolved unanimously: That Mr. Andrew Lang be the President, that Mr. G. L. Gomme be Director, that Mr. Edward Clodd be Treasurer, and Mr. J. J Foster be Honorary Secretary of the Society for tbe ensuing year.

It was moved, seconded, and resolved that the following be Vice- Presidents of the Society : —

Edward B. Tylor, LL.D., F.R.S. The Earl Beauchamp, F.S.A. The Earl op Strafford. Sir John Lubbock, Bart., F.R.S.

And the following be members of the Council for the ensuing year : —

Hon. John Abercromby.

Edward Brabrook, F.SA.

LoYS Brueyre.

Miss C. S. Burne.

Miss. Koalfe Cox.

J. G. Frazer, M.A.

Dr. Gaster.

S. Hartland, F.S.A.

A. Granger Hutt, F.S.A.

W. F. KiRBY.

Rev. Dr. Richard Morris. Alfred Nutt. T. F. Ordish. Lt..Gen.Pitt-Rivers,D.C.L.,F.R.S.,

F.S.A., ETC.

Professor A. H. Sayce, M.A. Captain R. C. Temple. Henry B. Wheatley, F.S.A.

The President then delivered his Annual Address, which was fol- lowed by a discussion, in which the Director, Professor Rhys, Mr. Nutt, and others took part.

Mr. Nutt moved a vote of thanks to the President, coupled with a request that he would allow his address to be printed in the Society's Journal. This was seconded by Mr. Gomme and carried unanimously.

The President signified his assent to the wish of the meeting.