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Once, when there was still nothing in the world but water, Cham Pas was drifting about on a stone on the open sea, reflecting how to create the visible world and how to rule it. Then he said: "I have no brother, no companion, with whom to take counsel in this undertaking."

While speaking thus, he spat, in his anger, into the sea and drifted on.

When he had floated for some distance he looked back and perceived his spittle had turned into a great hill, drifting in his wake. In order to destroy it he struck it with his sceptre. At the same moment Shaitan leapt out of it and said:

"Thou art grieved, Lord, because thou hast no brother or comrade with whom to consider and take counsel in the creation of the world. If thou wilt, I am ready to become thy brother."

Cham Pas was glad of this, and said:

"Good. But be my comrade, not my brother. Let us create the earth. What shall we make it of? There is nothing but water."

Shaitan was silent, for he did not know how the earth was to be created.

"Dive, comrade, into the sea," said Cham Pas, "there is sand at the bottom. Fetch a little, and of it we shall make the earth."

"I was just on the point of making the same remark," cried Shaitan, who did not want to show that he was less clever than Cham Pas, or less exalted. Moreover, he always called Cham Pas "brother," though he had only been taken as a comrade.

"Come, go to the bottom and fetch sand," said Cham Pas, "but take care, comrade, that in taking the sand thou mention my name." Shaitan dived to the bottom. But in his pride he would not mention the name of Cham Pas — only his own. Accordingly, he could not get even a single grain. A flame, too, rose from the bottom of the sea and burnt him all over. Scorched, he returned to the surface.

"Brother," said he, "I cannot get a single grain of sand, for a flame rises from the bottom which was like to burn me severely."

"Return, comrade, to the bottom of the sea, the flame will not touch thee if thou but mention my name."