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son, Nishki Pas (Beehive God), also called Iniche Pas, to govern mankind. He lived on the earth in the form of a man, and assisted the people in everything. If anyone became ill, Nishki Pas immediately cured him. If prayer was made to Cham Pas for rain or for dry weather the request was granted forthwith. Among men there was neither war nor strife, for Nishki Pas drove it all away by passing from village to village, and teaching men goodness. But Shaitan in his wickedness appeared to a certain old man, gave him a till-then-unknown plant, and said:

"Plant this shrub in the ground, and fence it round with long stakes, but don't say a word about it to Nishki Pas."

The old man obeyed, planted the shrub, and from it there grew up a hop garden. Then Shaitan again appeared to him, taught him how to make beer and mead, and how to prepare ardent spirits from corn. Hence arose drinking. Drunken men began to war against each other, and strife, contests, and bloody engagements came into existence. In vain Nishki Pas exhorted men to abandon drinking beer, mead, and ardent spirits. They would not listen to him ; began, on the contrary, to mock and despise him, even to beat him, and drove him from village to village. In place of him they thought of electing a chief from among themselves, but only strife, disputes, and combats ensued, for each wanted to be chief, and none was content to obey another man. In vain Nishki Pas warned them. Shaitan appeared on the earth in human form, and said :

"Why do you endure Nishki Pas among you ? He affirms that he is the son of God, but he lies. He is the same sort of man as everyone else, and not even a good one. He will not seek enjoyment, will not drink wine or spirits, nor keep several favourites. He only wishes to govern all mankind."

Shaitan incited men to seize Nishki Pas. Then they tortured him, and finally beat him to death. When they had taken his life, they saw that he was in truth the son of Cham Pas, for he whom they had killed rose up and ascended into the sky, saying to his murderers : "You did not wish to live in happiness with me, henceforth it will be the worse for you without me."