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visited Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, and Australia, thereby gaining a personal knowledge of that part of the world which made him a competent authority on geographical and other questions connected therewith. He had for some years previously taken a keen interest in such questions, and especially in the island of New Guinea, the extension of British influence over which found in him a warm advocate. At the invitation of his friend the Rev. Robertson Smith, then editor of the Encyclopædia Britannica, he contributed to its ninth edition the articles on Fiji and New Guinea. He also read a paper on New Guinea at the meeting of the British Association in 1883, and a more extended account of the existing knowledge of the great island was printed in the R.G.S. Proceedings in 1884. He had carefully studied the history of discovery in this region, and served for several years on the council of the Hakluyt Society.

In the course of his travels he visited Teneriffe, Algeria, the Cape, and Egypt, while in 1897 he went to Canada with the British Association, and the following year he was again in Egypt. Wherever he went he made many friends, for he was eminently sociable and sympathetic, and thoroughly enjoyed intellectual society. All who knew him will deplore his loss.

MEETINGS OF THE ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, SESSION 1905-1906. Eleventh Meeting, April 9, 1906.--The Right Hon. Sir GEORaE T. GOLDIE,, mC.L., F.R.S., President, in the Chair. ELECTWS :--Captair Walter Mervyr St. George Kirke, R.A.; S. R. Timsou ; Horace Edward IV. Young. t'IoNoRAR CORRESPONDIN(] ]EMBERS. 2rolessot Suess ; _Professor Gvijic ; 2[. De Glaparede. 1. Presentation by the American Ambassador of the Gold Medal of tho American Geographical Society to Captain R. F. Scott, c.v.o., 2. "Recent Exploration and Survey in Seistan." By Colonel Sir Henry McMahon, K.C.r.E., GEOGRAPHICAL LITERATURE OF THE MONTH. Additlos to the IMnary. By EDWARD .EAWOOD, M.A., rar, R.G.S. The following abbreviations of nouns and the adjectives derived from them are employed to indicate the source of articles from other publications. Geographical names are in each case written in full : A. -- Academy, Acedernie, A]rademie. Mag. = Magazine. Ahh. ---- Ahhandiungen. Mere. (/Idm.) = Memoirs, Mgmoires. Ann. = Annals, Annales, Annalen. B. = Bulletin, Bollettino, Boletim. 0ol. = Colonies. Corn. = Commerce. O. R. = Comptes Pendue. E. -- Erdkunde. G. = Geography, Ggographie, Geografia. Ges. Gesollschaft. I. -- Institute, Institution. Iz. = Izvestiya J. = Journal. Jb. -- Jahrbuch. k. u. k. = kaiserlich und kniglich. M. -- Mitteilungen. Met. (m4t.) = Meteorological, etc. P. = Proceedings. R. = Royal. Rev. (Riv.) = Review, Revue, Rivista. S. ---- Society, Soci4t, Selskab. So. = Science(s). Sitzb. -- Sitzungsbericht. T. -- Transactions. Ts. = Tijdschrift, Tidskrift. V. -- Verein. Verb. = Verhandlungen. W. ---- Wissensohaft, and compounds. Z. Zeitsohrift. Zap. --- Zapiski.