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It is an offence to leave a vehicle in such a position as to cause obstruction.

[It is also an offence under the Road Traffic Act to leave a vehicle in a position or in a condition or in circumstances likely to be dangerous.]

Do not pull up alongside a constable on point duty in order to ask him a question which other people could answer. His full attention is required for his duties.

If you are the driver of a slow moving vehicle keep well to the left of the road.


Do not use your headlights unnecessarily and in particular do not leave your vehicle standing at night with its headlights on. Side lights are sufficient.

Headlights may also with advantage be switched off or dipped when following another vehicle which you do not intend to pass.

Avoid leaving your vehicle at night facing the wrong way unless the road is sufficiently well lighted to prevent other users of the road being misled.

During the day time in foggy weather turn on your side and tail lights.


Do not attempt to turn a vehicle round, especially if this involves more than one movement, unless you can see that the road is clear for a good distance in both directions. It is generally simpler to go to the nearest side road or entrance, back into it and then retrace your way. In this case always back into the minor road or entrance and come forward into the major road.


Remember that your horn is intended to be used as a warning and an indication, if needed, of your presence on the road; it should not be used as a threat.