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THE small space you occupy, your capacity for high speed and your reluctance to stop dead may tempt you to "cut in" by threading your way between other vehicles. This is a frequent source of accidents.

The risks you take are not only risks to yourself but to other users of the road.

Be cautious and considerate rather than trust solely to your driving skill.

Sudden noisy acceleration is unnecessary and disturbing.

[It is an offence under the Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations not to have an efficient silencer or to use a vehicle in such a way as to cause any excessive noise which could, with reasonable care, be avoided.]

Remember that as a motor cyclist the same rules apply to you as to the driver of a car.

Make no attempt to gain a forward position in a traffic block by means of the narrow spaces between stationary vehicles. They may start suddenly, and you will impede them and endanger yourself.