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Before crossing a road look right and left and satisfy yourself that it is safe to cross. Look out for approaching traffic and take its speed into account. Cross the road as directly as possible.

When stepping off the footpath look towards oncoming traffic.

Do not make a sudden dash into the carriageway.

Take special care if you have to step out from behind or in front of vehicles or other obstructions which prevent a clear view of traffic.

At road junctions where the traffic is controlled by police or signals, take advantage of that control and cross when the appropriate line of traffic is held up.

The use of subways, islands or special crossing places, (especially those marked "PLEASE CROSS HERE") will help you to avoid danger and assist in the easy flow of traffic.


Get to know the signals used by the drivers of vehicles and by persons regulating traffic. They will help you to decide upon your own movements.


Do not stand about in the road, especially in groups, at blind corners or other dangerous places where your presence may cause danger either of itself or by obscuring the line of vision of drivers.


Keep your dog on the lead when walking along roads where traffic is heavy. A dog running loose in traffic is a danger to itself and to everyone else.