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TABLE OP CONTENTS CHAPTER I. BALLARAT BEFORE THE GOLD DISCOVERY. First Exploring Parties. — Mount Buninyong. — Mount Aitkin. — Ercildoun. — Ballarat. — Lake Burrumbeet Dry. — Settling Throughout the Dis- trict. — First Wheat Grown. — First Flour Mill. — Founding of Buninyong. — A Wide Diocese. — Appearance of Ballarat. — The Natives. — Aboriginal Names. — The Squatters. — Premonitions of the Gold Discovery. 1 — 16

CHAPTER IL THE GOLD DISCOVERY. California and the Ural. — Predictions of Australian Gold. — Discoveries of Old Bushmen. — Hargreaves and others in New South Wales. — Effects of Discovery at Bathurst. — Sir C. A. Fitz Roy's Despatches. — First Assay. — Esmond and Hargreaves. — Esmond's Discovery at Clunes. — Previous Victorian Discoveries. — Esmond's the First Made Effectively Public. — Hiscock. — Golden Point, Ballarat.— Claims of Discoverers as to Priority. — Effects of the Discovery. — Mr. Latrobe's Despatches, — His Visit to Ballarat. — The Licenses. — Change of Scene at Ballarat. — Mount Alexander Rush. — Fresh Excitements. — Rise in Prices. ... 17 — 45

CHAPTER III FROM THE GOLD DISCOVERY TO THE YEAR OF THE EUREKA STOCKADE. Great Aggregations of Population. — Opening up of Golden Grounds. — A Digger's Adventures. — Character of the Population. — Dates of Local Dis- coveries. — Ballarat Township Proclaimed. — First Sales of Land. — Bath's Hotel. — First Public Clock. — Tatham's and Brooksbank's Recollections. — Primitive Stores, Offices, and Conveyances. — Woman a Phenomenon. — First Women at Ballarat. — Curious Monetary Devices. — First Religious