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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

presence of Thurstan de Holland, Robert de Hulton, Hugh le Norres, Alan le Norres, William de Songky, William de Pemberton, Nicholas de Wegan, and others; as also by Roger, Lord Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, the ordinary.[1]

When Silvester de Everdon was elected Bishop of Carlisle, and resigned the great seal in November, 1246, it was delivered to John Maunsell, but whether with the title of Chancellor does not appear, as no record exists of his appointment. A reference, however, is made to it on the patent roll of 31 Hen. III., dated 29th August, 1247, in which it is stated merely that he had the custody
  1. Rot. Claus. 27 Eliz. pars. 2a (taken from a certified copy of June 16, 1748, in possession of the Earl of Bradford, the present patron of the church of Wigan), being a confirmatory charter of inspeximus by Thomas Stanley, Bishop of Man, and Rector of the parish church of Wegan, dated at Wegan on l0th Oct. 3 Eliz. A.D. 1561, who signs himself Thomas Sodarens et Insularum Episcopus, in the presence of William Gerarde, Esq., Edmund Winstanley, gent., William Banke, Thomas Beeke, Hugh Topping, Thomas Gerrarde, William Hyde, Richard Brereworth, Thomas Ince, and many others. To this charter is appended the following footnote: "Memorandum quod sexto die Maii anno regni dictæ dominæ Elizabethæ Reginæ vicesimo septimo Carolus Banke nunc Major predictæ villæ de Wegan et burgenses ejusdem villæ venerunt in Cancellaria dictæ dominæ Reginæ et protulerunt tunc et ibidem scriptum prædictum et petierunt ut idem in Rotulis Cancellariæ nostræ prædictæ irrotulari possit ad quorum quidem Majoris et burgensium instantias et requisitiones scriptum prædictum secundum formam et effectum ejusdem de verbo in verbum prout præscriptum est irrotulatum die et anno prædictis." Mathew de Redman or Rademan, one of the witnesses to the original charter, wherein he is styled Sheriff of Lancashire, was Sheriff from 1246 to the commencement of 1249. Of the others, Thomas Gretlee or Gresle, Baron of Manchester, died in 46 Hen. III. (1261-2). William le Butler, Lord of Warrington, succeeded his father Almaric as a minor in 1235, and died in 1303. Robert de Lathome (son of Richard), occurs as Lord of Lathome in 1248. William de Clifton was Lord of Clifton in 42 Hen. III (1257-8.) Henry de Torbock, Lord of that vill, had a charter of free warren at Torbock, &c., 41 Hen. III. Adam de Molinex was Lord of Sefton in 12 Hen. III., and probably deceased in 40 Hen. III. (1255-6), when William, his son and heir, was called to receive the degree of Knighthood. Roger de Weseham was consecrated Bishop of Lichfield in 1245-6 (30 Hen. III.) at Lyons, by the Pope, much to the King's displeasure, who at first withheld from him the temporalities of the See, which were, however, restored to him 25th March, 1246. He resigned his bishoprick after ten years of constant sickness on 4th Dec, 1256.