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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

It. for first paymt of Wigan first fruits to the King I pd £18 3s, & for curats ther this year £20, and for pension therof to Lichfield £20, & for wine for the communions wch I find £3 10s, & for the tenths therof this x̃pmas ibi £8 2s, & for benevolence to the Bp of Chester at his first coming £6 13s 4d. In all ... ... ... ... ... ... 76 8 4

It. for Bexhill cure this year £20: Bexhill pension at Michaelm: 1616, £11 6s 8d, tenths of Bexhill 50s, poor ther 50s, Arreer (?) shewing ther and procurations &c. £3 13s 4d ... ... ... 40 0 0

It. I spent in physick this year at peterb. & London being long sick ther ... ... ... ... 20 5 0

It. fees of institution, installation, & my man's charges rideing to Lichf: to be installed for me ther in prbendā de eccleshall £x, wth gratuityes to the quire & proxye that was instaled for me: & £3 6s given to Mr. Glasyor for his paynes in writing the acts of my sute for the resid. against Mr. Masters & Heywood: & 42s for fees for the signet for the king's lrẽs for me in that behalf to the dean & chapter: & xli spent in traveling to Ricot at court about it: & xli paid to Mr. Bamford for a lease of his house in Lichfield. In all ... ... 35 8 0

It. exhibition given this year to my father ... ... 10 0 0

It. to my sister Ruth £4 8s: to sister Johan and mother tokens 22s: to Bp of Chester given a sturgen 22s & other gifts £3 ... ... ... 9 12 0

It. livery clokes for my men, viz. John Hugh, Thomas gate house, Ezekiel Diglin, Willm̄ Wakefield, Willm̄ Wicksted, Willm̄ Hatton, & Richard Stark at 30s a cloke 10 10 0

in speaking of the transfer of the advowson, which eventually passed from the Fleetwoods to Sir Orlando Bridgeman, the son and heir of Bishop Bridgeman.