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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

submit these differences to the hearing either of the Lords of the privy Counsell, or of the two Judges of the Circuit, or of any other Judges of the Law, or of any indifferent gentlemen of the country, but they utterly refuse all peaceable courses (but Law), and for that end have combined together and levyed many fifteenes throughout the Town to weary ye supliant wth sutes or to disinherit his Church. Therefore he most humbly beseecheth your Majestie to appoint 2 Bishops and 2 Judges of the Law to send for the parties and to hear their differences and other wrongs offered unto him, and to end them wthout sute, according to Law and equity, if they can; otherwise to certifye your Majestie in whom the fault is, that such order may be taken as to your princely wisdome shall seeme fit And he shall be bound (as he is already for all he hath) to pray unto God for all happiness to your Majestie and your Royall issue.

Under this petition and the Town's also was subscribed as followeth: 'At the court at Theobalds, 12 May, 1618, His Majestie is graciously pleased to referre this petition to the Lord Arch Bp. of Canterbury, the Lord Bp. of Ely & the 2 Lord Chief Justices, or to any three or two of them, the one to be a prelate and the other a Judge, and that caling the partyes before them they hear all their differences, and end them if they can, or els to certify his Majestie of the true state of the causes and their opinions concerning the same. Chr. Perkins.'

Hereupon the sd Lords sent to Wigan for the Mayor and Burgesses, or some appointed by them to appear for them, and by name they sent for Hugh Forth, Mayor, Wm Case and Hugh Langshaw, Baylifes (who had much wronged me), as also for Thomas Gerard, Esq., who was entitled (by Fayrbrother) to some of my glebe, &c., and for Ralph Hauton, Ralph Forth, & Tho. Forth. But Peter Marsh and old Wm Forth (father to the Mayor) came to me in Mr. Milward's chamber in Lincolne's Inne, and before the sd Mr. Milward & young Mr. Rigby earnestly besought me that I would spare the Mayor and Baylifes, &c., and let them that were present serve to appear for the Town,