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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

right w* all the Wasts of the same, and the Court Barron as incident thereto, with the sute and service of the freeholders and all the inhabitants therein. And because the Burgesses are many of them potters, and cannot follow their trade if they should not have liberty to dig clay on the Wasts of the said Mannor, we doe order that it shall be lawfull as well for the said potters as for the parson to dig clay upon the said Wasts : provided that the places so digged be forthwith after the digging sufficiently amended. TheLibertyes And, that a peace may hereafter be established between the parson and his successors & the Cor- poration & their successors, we doe order for the fairs, markets, Court of pleas. Court Leets, and Moot Hall ther as followeth : AsfayrsA First, the Fayr w* is held on Ascension day markets yearly, & the markett w«^ is held on Munday weekly, w*^ all the profits & privileges thereto belonging, shall be the parson's & his successors' as in their own right & title, & that the other fayr ther held on St Luke's day, & the markett kept upon the fryday, w*'> the profits thereof, shall be the Burgesses' of the same Town and their successors.' Court of pleas Secondly, that the pentice plea and the court of pleas shall be the Corporation's & their successors.' Leets Thirdly, that the Easter Leet shall be the parson's, & the Michaelmas Leet shall be the Burgesses.* Moot Hall Fourthly, that the use of the moot-hall shall be common to the parson and to the Corporation for the keeping of their courts. Lastly, that this our order between the parson and the inhabitants shall hereafter be kept and observed accordingly by all the said partyes and their successors ; and if any parson of Wigan shall