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Never again, for a girl[1], this hand draws sword on a foeman :
Neither on thee, nor on others:—my prize you may take, as you gave her.
But for the rest of my spoil, in the long dark hold of my galley,
Keep thine hands from it:—or touch it, King, if thou darest!
Dare but to venture the risk, and plenty are here for beholders;300
Plenty to see that dark blood drip from the point of my warspear!"
Thus then, at last, did the chiefs put an end to the wordy contention:
Rise from their seats:—and there by the ships dismiss'd the assembly.
Peleus' son to his tents, and the well-curved sides of his galleys,
Went with Menœtius' son,[2] and the rest of his trusty attendants.
Atreus' son made ready a swift-sailing bark,—and within her
Twice ten chosen rowers; and hecatombs meet for the altars
Of the offended God:—Chrysèis, daintily featured,
She too went with the rest:—and in charge of the whole was Odysseus.
Soon were the whole on board, and tracking the waste of the waters.310
Then at Atrides' word did the host perform a lustration:
Washing from all that defiles; and casting to sea the defilement.
Goats then and broadneck'd bulls, on the shore of the desolate Ocean,
Unto Apollo died:—whole hecatombs meet for his altars.
Curling roll'd to the skies the acceptable smoke of the victims.

Thus was the host employ'd.—But the monarch, the King Agamemnon,
Put not away his wrath, nor forgot his threat to Achilleus.
He to Talthybius, and to Eurybates, call'd and address'd them.
Heralds they of the King, and tried and trusty attendants.

"Go to Achilleus' tent—to the tent of haughty Pelides—
Seize and bring from thence Brisèis, daintily featured.
If he refuse to yield, ourself in person will seize her:—
Seize her by force of numbers:—perchance it would gall him the deeper!"—

  1. Referring to Helen, as well as to Brisèis.
  2. Patroclus, son of Menœtius.