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International Medical and Surgical Congress, Rome, 1894; won Arnott Memorial Medal, 1904; retired from service and is now practising as Consulting Surgeon. Publications: The Modern Treatment of Stone in the Bladder; Clinical Lectures on stricture of the Urethra and Hypertrophy of the Prostrate; Total Extirpation of the Prostrate for Enlargement of that organ. Recreations: shooting and fishing. Address: 27, Harley street, Cavendish Square, W. Clubs: East India United Service, Junior Naval and Military.

Frizelle, Sir Joseph, Kt., 1899; b. 1841; educ: Dungannow; Trinity College, Dublin; entered I.C.S. (Punjab), 1863; Assistant Magistrate and Collector, N.W.P., 1864; Deputy Commissioner, 1877; Divisional Judge, 1884; Judge, Chief Court, Punjab, 1889-98; Chief Judge, 1898; retired, same year. Address: St. Helier, Jersey.

Fryer, Sir Frederick William Richards, I.C.S., K.C.S.I. (1895); b. 1845 s. of F. W. Fryer; entered I.C.S. in Bengal, 1864; called to the Car (Middle Temple), 1880; Commissioner, Central Division, Upper Burma, 1886; Financial Commissioner, Burma, 1888; Acting Chief Commissioner, Burma, 1892-4; Officiating Financial Commissioner, Punjab; Additional Member, Imperial Legislative Council, 1894-5; Lieutenant Governor, Burma, 1897-1903. Address: 23, Elvaston Place, S.W.

Fuller, Sir Joseph Bampfylde, K.C.S.I. (1906), C.K.I. (li)02), C.I.E. (1892), I.C.S. (retired); s. of Rev. J. Fuller, late Vicar, Ramsdale, Hants; b, 1854; educ; Marlborongh College; m. 1st, Maria Caldwell (d. 1880), and 2nd, Sarat Augusta, d. of Arthur W. Critchley, 1883; Commissioner of Settlement and Agriculture, C.P. 1885; Additional Member, Imperial Legislative Council, 1889; Secretary to the Government of India, Rev and Agri Deptts, 1901-02; Chief Commissioner, Assam, 1902-05; selected as the Lieutenant-Governor. E.B. & A,, 1905; retired, 1906; is a frequent contributor to the ‘19th Century and After’ and other periodicals. Address: The Hermitage, Winchester. Clubs: East India United Service, Savile.

Fulton, Sir Edmund McGilldowny Hope, Kt. (1907), C.S.I. (1904), Member of Council, Bombay; s. of J. W. Fulton, Lisburn; b, 1848; educ; at Rugby; joined I.C.S. in Bombay, 1869; held various subordinate posts in various parts of the presidency; m., Cornelia Emily (d. 1900), o.d. of Sir M. R. Westropp, former Chief Justice, Bombay; became Judge, High Court, Bombay, 1897; retired, 1907. Address: Elmhurst, Cheltenham. Club: East India United Service.


Gabriel, Edmund Vivian, B.A., (Camb), C.V.O., (1906), C.S.I. , (1911), Nagpur; b. 1875; educ; Emmanual College, Cambridge; joined I.C.S., 1897; Assistant Secretary, Foreign Department, 1903; Under-Secretary, 1905; Resident, Western Rajputana, 1908; Secretary, N.W.F. Administration, 1909; First Assistant to Agent to Governor-General in Central India, 1911: is a Justice of the Peace, and Fellow of C.S.; Knight of the Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem; Major, R.M.R., Volunteers. Address: Nagpur, Central India.

Gage, Andrew Thomas, M.A., B.Sc, M.B., F.M.S.; I,M.S.; Director, Botanical Survey of India; b. 1871; s. of Robert Gage; m. Jean