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books, etc., for Harbard University, 1888-89; Honorary Member of the A.S.B., 1898; Member, Royal Asiatic Society, 1902; Foreign Member, Royal Bohemien Society of Sciences, 1897; lectured at the J. Hopkin’s University on the poetry of India, 1897; lectured at Boston, on Indian Literature, 1898; LL.D, at Yale. 1902; is editing, with the help of other scholars, the “Harvard Oriental Series” published by Harvard University, which has raised 10 volumes of important Sanskrit works such as the Jatakaraala, Buddhism, Karpura Manjani, Bhrad-Devata, Atharva Yeda, a vedic concordance, Visudi-Maga, Panchatantra. Sakuntala, Brahmins, and oteur works. Recretion: Walking, Swimming, Diving and Rowing. Address: 9 Farrar Street, Cambridge, Mass.

Lansdowne, 5th Marquiss of Great Britain, (1784), Henry Chas Keath Petty Fitz Maurice, K.G., P.C, G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., G.G.M.G., D.C.L., LL.D.; e.s. of 4th Marquiss; b. 1845; succeeded father, 1866; m. Lady Maud Evelyn Hamilton, C.I., d. of 1st Duke of Abercorn, 1869; Lord of Treasury, 1869-72; Under Secretary for War, 1872 74; Under-Secretary for India, 1880; Governor-General, Canada, 1883-88; Governor-General, India, 1838-93; Secretary for War, 1S95-1900; Foreign Secretary, 1900-05; succeeded mother, 1895; Trustee, National Gallery, since 1894; Lord Lieutenant of Wilts, since 1896; owns 143,000 acres of land; heir and s. of Earl of Herry. Address: Lansden House, Berkley Square. W; Bowood Park, Calne, Wiltshire; Meikleour, Perthshire; Derreen, Kenmare, Kerry. Clubs: Athenæum, Reform, Brooke’s.

Lascelles, Hon Sir Alfred George, B.A., Retired Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Ceylon; 2nd s. of 3rd Earl Harwood; b. 1857; educ: University College, Oxford; B.A., 1881; called to the Bar (Inner Temple), 1885; K.C. Ceylon, 1902-1911; Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Ceylon, 1911-1914; m. Isabel Carteret. d. of late Francis John Thyme (M. Bath Covs) 1911. Address: Colombo, Ceylon.

La Touche, Sir James John Digges, K.C.S.I., 1901; b.. 1844; s. of William Digges La Touche; educ: Trinitv College, Dublin; joined I.C.S. in the N.W.P., 1867; was Settlement Officer, Ajmir, and at Gorakhpur; Commissioner in Burma, 1886; Allahabad, 1901; Member Legislative Council, N.W.P., 1891; Chief Secretary, 1893; Additional Member, Imperial Legislative Council: Officiating Lieutenant Governor, U.P. 1898; confirmed, 1901; retired, 1906; proceeded to England and was appointed Member of the India Council, 1907. Address: Killore Street, Dublin. Club: East India United Service.

Laughton, Col. Arthur Frederick, C.B. (1886); Indian Army (retired); b. at Simla; s. of Richard Laughton, H.E., I.C.S.; m. Georgiana Emily, e.d. of General H. Man, 1869; educ: St. Paul’s school; joined I.C.S., 1857; Interpreter, Madras 18th Infantry; Interpreter, 3rd Palamcottah Light Infantry; Interpreter, 66th Foot; transferred to Police Department; served in the Madras Police, 1883; in Commissariat Department, 1863-88; served in the Afghan Campaign, 1879-80;