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derabad; joined the Mysore State service as Probationary Assistant Superintendent of Police, 1897; on plague duty on the frontiers of the Chitaldroog District, 1898; on plague duty in Mysore, 1899; was Assistant Superintendent of Police, French Rocks, etc.; became Superintendent of Police, 1904; on special duty in Mysore during the marriage of His Highness as also during the visit of Lord Curzon in connection with the installation of His Highness; again on special duty in Mysore during the visit of T.R.H. the Prince and Princess of Wales, 1906; promoted as Assistant Commissioner and posted as Superintendent of Police, Mysore; organised the “Sri Krishna Railway Police Gymnasium” for the cultivation of athletics by the police force; started a co-operative society among the Muhammadans of Kola-Kalumru which has now developed into the “Zahir-ul-Islam Co-operative Society”. Publications; “Urdu pamphlet on Plague”, subsequently translated into English at the cost of the State and distributed broadcast. Recreations: Gymnasium. Address: Mysore, India.

Macdonnell, Antony Patrick, 1st Baron, (1908), P.C., (1902) G.C.S.I., (1879); K.C.I.E., (1893); K.C.V.O., (1803) C.S.I., (1888); s. of Mark Ganey Macdonnell of Shagh; b. 1844; educ: Queen’s College, Galway; entered B.C.S., 1865; Secretary to Government of Bengal, and Member, Bengal Legislative Council; Secretary to Government of India (Home Department); acting Chief Commissioner, Burmah, 1889; Chief Commissioner, Central Provinces, 1891; acting Lieutenant Governor of Bengal, 1893; Lieutenant-Governor of North West Provinces and Chief Commissioner of Oudh, 1895-1901; for sometime Member of the Council of India; Under Secretary for Ireland, 1902-08; Hon’ble D.C.L. Oxford, 1907; raised to Peerage as Baron Macdonnel of Swinford, 1908; m. Henrietta, d. of Ewen Macdonnel, 1875. Address: 3, Buckingham Gate, S.W. Clubs: Reform, and St. Stephens.

Macdonald, Sir James Ronald Leslie, K.C.I.E. (1904), C. B. (1901); b. 1862; s. of Surgeon Major K. James Macdonald; educ: at Aberdeen University and Woolwhich; entered the Royal Engineers, 1882; served in the Hazra expedition, 1888; in the Uganda Railway Survey, 1891-2; Commissioner, Uganda Protectorate, 1893; commanded the operations there, 1897-8; in charge of British operations at Fashoda, 1896; commanded the Juba expedition, 1898-9; Brevet-Lieutenant Colonel in the China expedition, 1903-4; Commandant of Presidency Brigade, Calcutta, 1905; Lucknow Infantry, 1907; Troops in Mauritius, 1909. Address: Head Quarter House, Mauritius; Club: Junior United Service.

Macdonald, Ramsay; Secretary, Labour Party; Journalist; an effective writer on economic subjects; a speaker of great force; married a daughter of Mr. Gladstone; takes active interest in Indian politics; was a member of the Royal Public Services Commission in India, 1912. Publications: “Awakening of India”. Address: No 3, Lincolns Inn Fields, London.