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Puttanna Chetty.

dent, Mysore State Railway, 1884; services lent to S.M.R.Co., (now part of M.S.M.R.) 1886; Assistant Commissioner on Police duty, Shimoga, 1888; Commissioner and Vice-President, Bangalore Municipality, 1891; attached to the offices of Inspector-General of Police and Forests, and Director of Statistics and Agriculture, 1891; Sub-Divisional Officer, Closepet, 1896; Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate, 1897; ex officio President, Bangalore Municipality, 1878; on special duty to collect traffic statistics for the Mysore West Coast Railway Project, 22nd August to 13th December, 1900; 2nd Member of Council, Mysore, 1906; 1st Member, 1st April, 1906; retired, 1913; President, Bangalore City Municipality; President, Committee of Management, Lingayet’s Hostel, Mysore, 1915. Address: Chamrajpet, Bangalore City, Mysore State, India.

Pyne, Sir Thomas Salter, Kt., (1894), C.S.I. (1893); s. of John Pyne; b. 1860; came out to India as Engineer, 1883; became Engineer-in-Chief, Afghanistan, 1885; successfully carried out large undertaking, viz., manufacture of guns, small arms, cartridges, etc. was Master of Mint at Kabul; sent as Ambassador by H.M. Amir of Afghanistan, to Government of India; thanked by the Amir in Durbar; Assistant, Special Mission to Kabul, 1893. Club: St. Stephen and Badminton.

Pym, Right Rev. Walter Ruthven, D.D., M.A. (Cantab), Indian Ecclesiastical Department (retired); s. of M. E. Alexander Pym; b. at Great Chesterford, Essex, 1856; educ: at the Bedford School; passed B.A., 1879; M.A., 1883; joined service at Litham; m. Lucy Ann Threfall, 1883; appointed to the Bishopric of Bombay, 1903; took charge of this office, 1904; inaugurated the Bombay Diocesan Church and a training College for Indian Clergy at Poona; retired; Address: Bombay, India.


Quadar Nawaz Khan, Khan Bahadur (1891), retired Collector and District Magistrate; belongs to the Carnatic Family; b. 1856; joined Government service, 1876; retired, 1911. Address: Royapettah, Madras, India.

Quamrul Huda, Bar-at-law; elected non-official Member, Imperial Legislative Council, representing Bihar and Orissa. Address: Patna, Bengal, India.

Queripel, Lt.-Colonel Alfred Ernest, Indian Civil Veterinary Department (retired); joined Home service, 1870; arrived in India, 1877; present in Afghan War, 1879-80; served with Nile Expeditionary Force, 1884-85; Assistant Superintendent of horse-breeding operations, Babugarh, 1880-83; reverted to Home service, 1884; Station, Veterinary Hospital, Ambala, and Inspector, Army Veterinary School, Simla, 1891; Inspecting Veterinary Officer, 1893; Inspector-General, Civil Veterinary Department, 1895; retired, 1901. Publication: Essay on Stable Management and dietetic disease in India, and; a Manual of Materia Medica for Veterinary students. Address: c/o India Office, London.