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Sewell Rev. J. D., Manager, St. Joseph’s College, Trichinopoly, since 1907; Fellow, Madras University, 1904; delivered the University Convocation Address in Madras, 1907. Address: Trichinopoly Town, Madras Presidency.

Sewell, Robert, F.R.G.S., M.R.A.S., retired District and Sessions Judge; entered service, 1868; thanked by Government for conduct in connection with the first official ascent of the sacred Hills of Triupathi; invested with full powers of Magistrate, 1872; Justice of the Peace, 1873; acted in various mofussil districts and was Special Assistant in Trichinopoly for famine purposes, 1877-78; on special duty in connection with the Archaeological Survey of the Madras Presidency, 18S1; Special Assistant Collector, Malabar, continuing on Archaeological duty till June 1883; Acting Sub-Secretary, Board of Revenue, 1882-83; on special duty at Madras completing the MSS. of the Archaeological Survey, 19th April 1883; Acting Collector and Magistrate, Kurnool, 1884; Fellow, Madras University, 1887; District and Sessions Judge, Cuddapah, etc.; Collector and Magistrate, Bellary, 1880; Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and Member of the Royal Asiatic Society since 1885; Member of the Asiatic Society of Bengal; Member of the Bombay Anthropological Society, and Fellow of the Society of Arts; retired, 1894. Publications: Amaravathi Tope and Excavations on its site; Chronological tables for South India, from the 6th century A.D.; a sketch of the dynastys of South India, volumes I and II of the Archaeological Survey Series of South India; Early Buddhist Symbolism; Antiquarian remains in the Madras Presidency; the Indian Calendar; A Forgotten Empire, etc.

Seymour, General Sir William Henry, K.C.B. (1904), C.B. (1859), General and Colonel, Queen’s Bays; b. 1829; s. of Sir William Seymour, Judge, High Court, Bombay; entered Army, 1847; served in the Crimea, 1854-55; (medal 4 clasps, Turkish medal) served in the Indian Mutiny, 1858-59, (despatches three times, Brevet-Major, Medal with clasps, C.B.); Inspector-General of Cavalry, Ireland, 1874-79; promoted to rank of General, 1884; retired, 1885. Clubs: Army and Navy, Carlton, Travellers’.

Shadbolt, Ernest Ifill; Director of Railway Construction (retired); b. 1851; s. of late George Shadbolt; educ: privately; R.I.E. College, Cooper’s Hill; entered Indian Public Works Department, 1874; Assistant Engineer on construction of Idore, Dhond Manmad, Bopal State Railways, 1874-83; services lent to Bhavnagar and Gondal States, 1887-91; Executive Engineer on construction of Sind-Peshin, Kathiawar, East Coast State Railways, 1888-93; Engineer-in-Chief, Bezwada, Madras, Madura-Pamban, Tinnevelly-Quilon Railway Surveys, 1893-95; Engineer-in-chief, Indus Bridge Works, Kotri-Rohri Railway, 1895-1901; Senior Inspector of Railways, Madras, 1902-04; Director of Railway Construction, Government of India, 1904-06; retired from Indian Rail-