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Investigator, 1888-1892; and to Pamir Boundary Commission, 1895; Superintendent of the Indian Museum and Professor of Zoology in the Medical College, Calcutta, since 1893; C.I.E., 1903; Author of A Naturalist in Indian Seas and numerous Zoological monographs; retired 1907.

Alexander, General Sir James, entered the Bengal Artillery, 1820; Present at capture of Bhartpur, 1825-6; commanded the Artillery under Pollock in Afganistan, 1842; forced the Khyber Pass, at Tezin and Kabul; in the Gwalior campaign, at Maharajpur, 1843; in the Satlaj campaign, 1845-6 at Badiwai, Aliwal, Sobraon; C.B., K.C.B., 1871; General. 1872; retired 1887.

Ali Chowdhri also known as Shahzada Mirza Aurangazeb; Nawab, Khan Bahadur; descended from Prince Mirza Jahandar; has founded an Anglo-Vernacular High School, and a public library at Comilla: has contributed liberally to all sorts of local charities. Recreations: Athletics and hunting. Address: Kurshed Munzil Paschingaon, Homnabad Pargana, Tippera, Bengal.

Ali Husain Khan, Nawab of Fatehpur; born, 1854 and succeeded to title, 1902; belongs to a family of Saiyids, said to have been founded by Ikram-ud-Din Ahmad, who followed Humayun from Persia; obtaining some appointment at the Moghul Court, he was succeeded by his son and grandson. The son of the latter, Mohammad Taki, held high office in the time of Aurangazeb and received Jagirs in Kashmir, Lahore and elsewhere; Saiyid Zia-ud-Din, one of his successors, resigned his post and all his Jagirs and retired into private life at the cession of territory which took place in 1801, Bakar Ali Khan was detained in Fatehpur and on his death, much of his lands were restored to the old owners and his Jagir leased to his youngest brother, Saiyid Mohammad Khan, who was succeeded by his son Ahmad Hussain Khan from whom the estate has descended to the present holder; it comprises of 6 villages in Fatehpur assessed at Rs. 13,560. The title has been recognised. Address: Fatehpur, U.P.

Ali Nagi Kazi Saiyid Khan Bahadur; born, 6th June, 1852; Educated at Benares. Tahsildar of Cawnpore 1892, Deputy Collector, Mirzapur, 1896; Ghezam, 1909-1911. Pays a revenue of Rs. 4,000 to Government. Address: Naunahra, Ghazipur Dt., U.P.

Allan, Henry John, M.A.. Bar-at Law; Professor of History, Presidency College, Madras; appointed to service, 1894; joined Indian Educational Service, 1897. Address: Presidency College, Madras.

Allbless, N. D. B.A. (Cantab), LL.B., Bar-at-Law. Educated in Bombay and in Cambridge; called to the Bar (Middle Temple), 1888 and commenced practice first in the Bombay High Court, and then before the Privy Council; elected a Member of the Urban District Council in 1899; retired and was re-elected in 1902; Chairman of the Hampton Division on the Middlesex County Council, 1901; Trustee of the Hampton Grammar School. Address: Hampton Division, Middlesex, England.

Amarnath, Rai Saheb: Chief Minister to H.H. the Maharaja of Kashmir. Born, 1866; Governor of Jammu, 1893-1905; Foreign Minister to the State; Rai Saheb,