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Kumaon. Club: East India United Service.

Wynne, Colonel Sir Trevredyn Rashleigh, K.C.S.I. (1911), V.D., K.C.I.E. (1902), C.I.E. (1903); President, Railway Board in India, (retired); s. of Llewelyn Wynne; b. 1853; educ: Brighton, and R.I.E. College, Cooler’s Hill; Agent and Chief Engineer, Bengal-Nagpur Railway; Honorary A.D.C., to Viceroy of India, 1889; Commandant, Bengal Nagpur Railway Volunteer Corps; Member, Imperial Legislative Council; Member, Railway Board in India. 1905; President, Railway Board, 1908; m. Winifred, d. of Henry Walter Conduitt, 1896 Address: Calcutta. Club: United Service, Raleigh.


Yakub Hussain Sait Bahadur; Member, Corporation of Madras; Honorary Magistrate, Madras; Honorary Secretary, Muslim League, Madras; Member, Young Men’s Indian Association, Madras. Address: 10, Stringer’s Street, Georgetown, Madras.

Yate, Lt-Colonel Arthur Campbell, Indian Army (retired); s. of Rev. C. Yate; b. 1853: educ: Shrewsbury and St. John’s College, Cambridge; joined the Army, 1875; became Lieut-Colonel, 1882; Bombay Staff Corps, 1879; served in Afghan War, 1879-81; Afghan Boundary Commission, 1884-85; Burmese War, 1886-88; Intelligence Officer, Northern Shan States, 1887-88; travelled in Persia, Caucasus and Central Asia, 1881-90; Fellow, Royal Geographical Society; Honorary Organising Commissioner of St. John’s Ambulance Association, India, 1900. Publications: Lieut-Col. John Houghton, a Hero of Tirah; The Army and the Press in 1901; England and Russia Face to Face in Asia. Address: Beckbury Hall, Shifnal, Shropshire. Clubs: United Service, Athenaeum, St James’.

Yates, Colonel Charles Edward, C.S.I. (1887), C.M.G. (1888), Indian Army (retired); s. of late Rev. C. Yates; b. 1849; joined the Army, 1867; served in the Afghan War and in the Afghan Frontier Commission, 1880-81 and 1884-88, respectively; Commissioner, Russo-Afghan Frontier, 1887-92, Consul at Muscat, 1889; Political Agent, Beluchistan, 1890; Revenue Commissioner, 1892; Consul-General for Khorasan and Seistan, 1893-98: Resident at Jodhpur, 1898; at Udaipur, 1899; Chief Commissioner, Beluchistan, 1900-05; retired and proceeded to England; unsuccessfully contested (C) Pontefract, 1906; Member, East India Association, and of National Service League: Vice-President, Tariff Reform League; Member of the Council of the Royal Geographical Society. Publications: Northern Afghanistan; Khorasan and Seistan; Gazathurs of Meywar, Banawara and Partabgarh, etc. Address: 17, Prince of Wales Terrace, Kensington, W. Clubs: Carlton, Junior United Service.

Yar Mahammad Khan, Sirdar Bahadur (1900), Honorary Magistrate and Vice-President, Municipal Board of Guzerat. Address: Guzarat, India.{right|469}}