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Karwar (Jodhpur). The Maharaja of —

Patiala. The Maharaja of —

Rewa. The Maharaja of —

Tonk. The Nawab of —

Salutes of 15 guns.

Alwar. The Maharaja of —

Banswara. The Maharawal of —

Creta. The Maharaja of —

Datia. The Maharaja of —

Dewas (senior branch). The Raja of —

Dewas (junior branch). The Raja of —

Dhar. The Raja of —

Dholpur. The Maharaj Rana of —

Dungarpur. The Maharawal of —

Idar.[1] The Maharaja of —

Jaisahiier. The Maharawal of —

Khairpur. The Mir of —

Kishangarh. The Maharaja of —

Orchha.[1] The Maharaja of —

Partabgarh. The Maharawal of —

Sikhim. The Maharaja of —

Sirohi. The Maharao of —

Salutes of 13 guns.

Benares. The Raja[2] of —

Jaora. The Nawab of —

Kuch Behar. The Maharaja of —

Rampur. The Nawab of —

Tippera. The Raja of —

Salutes of 11 guns.

Ajaigarh. The Maharaja of —

Baoni. The Nawab of —

Bhaunagar.[2] The Thakur Sahib of —

Bijawar. The Maharaja of —

Cambay. The Nawab of —

Chamba. The Raja of —

Charkhari. The Maharaja of —

Chhatarpur. The Raja[2] of —

Dhrangadra. The Raja Sahib of —

  1. 1.0 1.1 See table of personal salutes.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 The present Raja of Benares and the present Chiefs of Bhaunagar and Chatarpur enjoy the title of Maharaja as a personal distinction.