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Then the examination proceeded until the following was brought out: (the answers are Herzl’s)

Q. Looking at the question of alien immigration from the standpoint of the United States for a moment, you have referred to the fact that America excludes?
A. Yes.
Q. The exclusion is a partial exclusion?
A. Exclusion, as I know, is worked in this way: the immigrant must show a certain amount of money at the moment of his landing.
Q. You are aware that the stream of immigration into the United States is twice as much as the immigration into the United Kingdom?
A. I know that. New York has now the greatest Jewish population of all the towns in the world.
Q. And the actual exclusion is the actual exclusion of a small proportion?
A. Yes; but they go, however, to America. I think it is so easy to evade such a prohibition. For instance, if they joined a small company, it would lend the necessary amount to each immigrant, and the immigrant shows it and comes in, and sends back by post the amount he has borrowed. There are no efficacious measures to prevent that.
Q. I took it that your reference to the United States was an approval of the action of that country as an act of self-preservation.
A. No.

A little later on in the examination, the question of immigration to the United States was again brought in. The answers are still Dr. Herzl’s—remember that the date is still 1902:

Q. Are you aware whether it is the fact or not that the leading Jews in America have informed their correspondents here that they cannot receive and distribute any more Jewish immigrants?
A. I have heard of difficulties of emigration, and that they are overcrowded with Jews. As to that information I cannot say.