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White rolled against red, seemed to hang for a moment, and shot straight back against spot. The game was over.

"Great Scott! What a fluke!" cried the silent one, becoming quite garrulous at the miracle.

A quiet grin spread itself slowly across Jimmy's face. He had remembered what he had been trying to remember for over a week.

At this moment, the door opened, and Saunders appeared. "Sir Thomas would like to see your lordship in his study," he said.

"Eh? What does he want?"

"Sir Thomas did not confide in me, your lordship."

"Eh? What? Oh, no! Well, see you later, you men."

He rested his cue against the table, and put on his coat. Jimmy followed him out of the door, which he shut behind him.

"One second, Dreever," he said.

"Eh? Hullo! What's up?"

"Any money on that game?" asked Jimmy.

"Why, yes, by Jove, now you mention it, there was. An even fiver. And—er—by the way, old man—the fact is, just for the moment, I'm frightfully— You haven't such a thing as a fiver anywhere about, have you? The fact is—"

"My dear fellow, of course. I'll square up with him now, shall I?"