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"We must be getting back," he said. "I wonder what the time is. I wish we could stay out forever. But it must be late. Molly!"


"Whatever happens, you'll break off this engagement with Dreever? Shall I tell him? I will if you like."

"No, I will. I'll write him a note, if I don't see him before dinner."

Jimmy paddled on a few strokes.

"It's no good," he said suddenly, "I can't keep it in. Molly, do you mind if I sing a bar or two? I've got a beastly voice, but I'm feeling rather happy. I'll stop as soon as I can."

He raised his voice discordantly.

Covertly, from beneath the shade of her big hat, Molly watched him with troubled eyes. The sun had gone down behind the hills, and the water had ceased to glitter. There was a suggestion of chill in the air. The great mass of the castle frowned down upon them, dark and forbidding in the dim light.

She shivered.