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But for Jimmy, there would have been several hours of acute embarrassment, if nothing worse. He felt something of a reaction in Jimmy's favor.

Still, it is hard to overcome a deep-rooted prejudice in an instant. He stared doubtfully.

"See here, Mr. McEachern," said Jimmy, "I wish you would listen quietly to me for a minute or two. There's really no reason on earth why we should be at one another's throats in this way. We might just as well be friends. Let's shake, and call the fight off. I guess you know why I came in here to see you?"

McEachern did not speak.

"You know that your daughter has broken off her engagement to Lord Dreever?"

"Then, he was right!" said McEachern, half to himself. "It is you?"

Jimmy nodded. McEachern drummed his fingers on the table, and gazed thoughtfully at him.

"Is Molly—?" he said at length. "Does Molly—?"

"Yes," said Jimmy.

McEachern continued his drumming.

"Don't think there's been anything underhand about this," said Jimmy. "She absolutely refused to do anything unless you gave your consent. She said you had been partners all her life, and she was going to do the square thing by you."

"She did?" said McEachern, eagerly.

"I think you ought to do the square thing by her.