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And in Ramenez vos Moutons, Bergère, is sung by way of conclusion:

Tombez à genoux,
Jurez devant tous.
D'être un jour époux
Et embrassez-vous.[1]

There is, I suppose, no doubt that in these games the kiss is given and taken, as the dramatis personæ are generally children, but what takes place when adults amuse themselves with these rondes, I do not know; but I consider it probable that the gentleman will demand as his due a kiss, at any rate on the cheek. There also exists an old ronde à baisers, which is very characteristic and merry. In this it is the lady who has to take the first step:

Madame, entrez dans la danse,
Regardez-en la cadence,
Et puis vous embrasserez
Celui que vous aimerez.[2]

  1. Now down on your knees fall,
    And promise straightway
    To be wife and husband,
    And then kiss away.W. F. H.

  2. Madame, join the dancing throng,
    Listen to their measured song;
    But remember, for the rest,
    You shall kiss whom you love best.W. F. H.