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And Marot, who was likewise much skilled in "ars amandi" even begs his mistress not to give him her kisses readily:

Mouth of coral, rare and bright,
That in kissing seems to bite;
Longed-for mouth, I pray you this:
Feign deny me when you kiss.

W. F. H.

Dorat has also expressed himself in favour of such. "Promise me nine kisses," says he to his Thais, "give me eight, and let me struggle for the ninth."

The first eight kisses you accord
Will crown my love's felicity;
But I shall die in joy's reward
If for the ninth a struggle be.

W. F. H.

Even if the answer is not a decided negative, yet it can, you know, be couched in such equivocal words as to be tantamount to neither a permission nor a refusal. Many girls agree with the Swedish song:

But "yes" 's a word I will not say,
Nor will I either answer "nay."

W. F. H.

There is a saying in Jutland that runs thus: "Maren, may I kiss you?—Guess. You won't then, I suppose?—Guess once more?