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We should not be surprised if this should prove to be the most popular book of the present season; it cannot fail to be one of the most remarkable.—Literary World.

(Author of "Mademoiselle Ixe.")

It is written with cleverness and brightness, and there is so much human nature in it that the attention of the reader is held to the end. . . . The book shows far greater powers than were evident in "Mademoiselle Ixe," and if the writer who is hidden behind the nom de guerre Lanoe Falconer goes on, she is likely to make for herself no inconsiderable name in fiction.—Boston Courier.

By the Rev. Prof. ALFRED J. CHURCH.

Rev. Alfred J. Church, M.A., has long been doing valiant service in literature in presenting his stories of the early centuries, so clear is his style and so remarkable his gift of enfolding historical events and personages with the fabric of a romance, entertaining and oftentimes fascinating. . . . One has the feeling that he is reading an accurate description of real scenes, that the characters are living—so masterly is Professor Church's ability to reclothe history and make it as interesting as a romance.—Boston Times.

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With Sixteen Illustrations after the Antique.

THE STORY OF THE ILIAD. With Coloured Illustrations.

THE STORY OF THE ODYSSEY. With Coloured Illustrations.