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Bibliographical and Textual Problems of the English Miracle Plays. By W. W. Greg 1, 168, 280, 365
The Birth of Printing In South Africa. By A. C. G. Lloyd 31
The Chur Breviary of 1490 and its Printer, Adam Von Speier. By V. Scholderer 44
A Lawsuit as to an Early Edition of The 'Pilgrim's Progress.' By Henry R. Plomer 60
Private Printing Presses in Sussex. By A. Cecil Piper 70
Recent Foreign Literature. By Elizabeth Lee 80, 155, 266, 400
The Panizzi Club. By Alfred W. Pollard 95
Co-Operation among German Libraries by Mutual Loans and the Information-Bureau. By Ernst Crous 113, 337
Leibnitz as a Librarian. By Archibald L. Clarke 140
Henry Cross-Grove, Jacobite, Journalist and Printer. By J. B. Williams 206
The Enquiry of the Death of Richard Hunne. By E. Jeffries 220
An Early Appreciation of William Blake. By K. A. Esdaile 229
Notes on the Introduction of Printing into Sussex up to the year 1850, with a Chronology of Sussex Printers to that date. By A. Cecil Piper 257
Sixtus Riessinger's First Press at Rome. By V. Scholderer 320