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[column 1] Third Series, No. 17, VOL. V. [column 2] JANUARY, 1914.

THE LIBRARY. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL AND TEXTUAL PROBLEMS OF THE ENGLISH MIRACLE CYCLES. 1 I._INTRODUCTION : BIBLIOGRAPHY AND LITERATURE. [image of a T]HE importance of bibliography for the study of literature is sometimes for- gotten alike by the bibliographer and the critic. The former immerses him- self in subjects which, however interest- ing in themselves, lead to few developments beyond their own horizon : the latter is habitually shy of investigations in a region in which he feels he is not at home. It is well therefore, occasionally, to insist on the connexion between the two provinces, and to show how intimate it is by attending to some of the problems that lie along the border.

1 The four lectures, of which this is the first, formed a course delivered as Sandars Reader in Bibliography at Cambridge, on 21, 24, 28, and 31 October, 1913. They are here printed as origin- ally written, but references and notes have been added in the hope that these may prove of use to students. V B