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Known Authors. Q

Edmund Preſtwich.

Of whom I know no more, than that ’tis ſaid, he has writ a Play, called,

Hippolitus, a Tragedy, 8 vo. 1641. A Play, which Mr. Langbain ſays, he never ſaw; the Author’s Name is to it, who took the Plot from that of Seneca, or the Phædra of Euripides.

The Hectors, another Play, has been by ſome Catalogues attributed to this Author; but I cannot learn for any Reaſon it ſhould be his, ſo you find it placed among the Anonymous Plays.


Francis Quarles.

He was born at Stewards, a Seat in Rumford, in the Pariſh of Horn-Church, Eſſex, his Father was James Quarles, Eſq; Clerk of the Green Cloth, and Purveyor to Quen Elizabeth. He ſtudied firſt at Chriſt-Church, Cambridge, then at Lincolns-Inn; was Cup-bearer to the Queen of Bohemia, Secretary to Biſhop Uſher, and Cronologer to the City of London. He ſuffered Perſecution by the Government then in being, for a Book called, The Loyal Convert. The Troubles of Ireland brought him to die at Home, in the Two and Fiftieth Year of his Age, Sept. 8. 1644. He had Eighteen Children by one Wife, and lies buried in St. Foſter’s Church, London. He writ one Play, called,

The Virgin Widow, a Comedy, 4 to. 1649.

He writ divers other Pieces, as a Book of Emblems, which has born many Editions; a Book of Poems, wherein is the Hiſtory of Sampſon, Jonah, Eſther, and Job Militant; Argalus and Parthenia; Enchiridion of Meditations, Divine and Moral; Pentalogia, or, The Quinteſſence of Meditation; The Loyal Convert, with ſome others.

R Thomas