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sinews of war, she is superior to every other nation at present in existence. Here is a list of some:—

Artillery (including the power of producing it, factories, smiths, &c.) acknowledged by Continental officers to be man for man and gun for gun unrivalled.

Cavalry.—The first horse-producing and horseman-producing country in the world; (every hunting-field represents a troop of natural cavalry).

Infantry.—From Cressy to Inkerman never yet beaten by foreigners in any decisive engagement; and both officers and men have, over and over again, fought at any odds and at every disadvantage.

Ships.—Avowedly the first naval power, and possessing the best sailors; also by far the largest steam mercantile marine.

Arms and munitions of war, such as breechloaders, torpedoes, and coal,—the factory of the world.

Money and pecuniary credit.—Unquestionably the wealthiest nation, with the greatest power of taxation and credit.

Population, including India, the largest civilised empire in the world; and it has yet to be shown that Indian levies, led by British officers, could not stand in line with British troops.

Natural School of Military Practice.—A vast territory, thousands of miles away, held by the sword, and by British troops.

Earthworks, Telegraphs, and Railroads.—English contractors and English navvies, that is, both heads and hands, have been sought to do this work over all the world, because they do it cheapest and best.