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house, and he also cooked a quantity in the gamal and the pigs' food made by the two in the house was a hundred basketsfull and that in the gamal a hundred. And as soon as they covered in the ovens the food was cooked. And the Little Orphan mixed the food for his part in the gamal, and Som and her child mixed for their part in the house; and when the three have finished mixing, they take the food out into the village place, and the Little Orphan puts his down on a stone, and Som and her child put theirs down at the door of the house. And Ro Som says, Well now, call the pigs, sumsum; and the Little Orphan gets up and sumsums, and he hears continued squealing, and he sees boars with tusks that curl and meet, and rawe with tusks that curl and meet, and sows; these all come rushing out to the three, and the three feed them and they eat. And while they are eating, Ro Som says to him, Have you got any uncle on your mother's side? And he says, I have an uncle, but he does not come to look after me, and he gives me no food. Then said Ro Som, Run and say to him, Tata, come and make the payments for my steps in the suqe. So the wife of the uncle of the Little Orphan saw him coming, and she said to the people, Drive that boy away that is coming here; who is there to attend to him, and give him food? Then says the Little Orphan, Tata! And his uncle says O-e! what is it? And he says, Come out here. So his uncle came out to him; and he says, Tata, pray come to me to pay, sar, for my steps. And his uncle says, Oh, but if I pay that, what will you vile pulai, return payment, with? And his nephew says, Come let us go. So the Little Orphan led the way, and his uncle came behind, and they went on. And when they arrived beside the Little Orphan's village, his uncle sees a place where pigs have been rooting, and he says, Ah! these pigs' rootings, whose are they? And he says, Mine to be sure. But he says, Oh, I dare say! Where are you going to get pigs from to be your property? Then he sees also a garden, and he says, Whose is this yam garden? and he says, Mine. And his uncle says, I'll beat you for saying it; but he looks about and