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E SEA TS OF THE MIGHTY. Being the Mem- oirs of Captain ROBERT MORAY, sometime an Officer in the Virginia Regiment, and afterwards of Amherst s Regiment. i2mo. Cloth, illustrated, $1.50.

"Another historical romance of the vividness and intensity of The Seats of the Mighty has never come from the pen of an American. Mr. Parker s latest work may, without hesitation, be set down as the best he has done. From the first chapter to the last word interest in the book never wanes ; one finds it difficult to interrupt the narrative with breathing space. It whirls with excitement and strange adventure. . . . All of the scenes do homage to the genius of Mr. Parker, and make The Seats of the Mighty one of the books of the year." Chicago Record.

" Mr. Gilbert Parker is to be congratulated on the excellence of his latest story, The Seats of the Mighty, and his readers are to be con gratulated on the direction which his talents have taken therein. ... It is so good that we do not stop to think of its literature, and the personality of Doltaireis a masterpiece of creative art." New York Mail and Express.

^THE TRAIL OF THE SWORD. A Novel. I2mo. ^ Paper, 50 cents ; cloth, $1.00.

"Mr. Parker here adds to a reputation already wide, and anew demon strates his power of pictorial portrayal and of strong dramatic situation and climax." Philadelphia Bulletin.

" The tale holds the reader s interest from first to last, for it is full of fire and spirit, abounding in incident, and marked by good character-draw ing." Pittsburg Times.

H^HE TRESPASSER. I2mo. Paper, 50 cents ; cloth,

  • $1.00.

" Interest, pith, force, and charm Mr. Parker s new story possesses all these qualities. . . . Almost bare of synthetical decoration, his paragraphs are stirring because they are real. We read at times as we have read the great masters of romance breathlessly ." The Critic.

" Gilbert Parker writes a strong novel, but thus far this is his master piece. ... It is one of the great novels of the year." Boston Adver tiser.


  • Flexible cloth, 75 cents.

" A book which no one will be satisfied to put down until the end has been matter of certainty and assurance." The Nation.

" A story of remarkable interest, originality, and ingenuity of construc tion." Boston Home Journal.

New York : D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.

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