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"T^HE SEVEN SEAS. A new volume of poems by -^ RUDYARD KIPLING, author of " Many Inventions," " Bar rack-Room Ballads," etc. i2mo. Cloth, $1.50; half calf, $3.00; morocco, $5.00.

" The spirit and method of Kipling s fresh and virile song have taken the Knglish reading world. . . . When we turn to the larger portion of The Seven Seas, how imaginative it is, how impassioned, how superbly rhythmic and sonorous! . . . The ring and diction of this verse add new elements to our song. . . . The true laureate of Greater Britain." E. C. Stedman, in the Book Buyer.

" The most original poet who has appeared in his generation. . . . His is the lustiest voice now lifted in the world, the clearest, the bravest, with the fewest false notes in it. ... I do not see why, in reading his book, we should not put ourselves in the presence of a great poet again, and con sent to put off our mourning for the high ones lately dead." W. D. HoweUs.

"The new poems of Mr. Rudyard Kipling have all the spirit and swing of their predecessors. Throughout they are instinct with the qualities which are essentially his, and which have made, and seem likely to keep, for him his position and wide popularity." London Times.

" He has the very heart of movement, for the lack of which no metrical science could atone. He goes far because he can." London Academy.

" The Seven Seas is the most remarkable book of verse that Mr. Kipling has given us. Here the human sympathy is broader and deeper, the patriotism heartier and fuller, the intellectual and spiritual insight keener, the command of the literary vehicle more complete and sure, than in any previous verse-work by the author. The volume pulses with power power often rough and reckless in expression, but invariably conveying the effect intended. There is scarcely a line which does not testify to the strong individuality of the writer." London Globe.

" If a man holding this volume in his hands, with all its extravagance and its savage realism, is not aware that it is animated through and through with indubitable genius then he must be too much the slave of the con ventional and the ordinary to understand that Poetry metamorphoses her self in many diverse forms, and that its one sovereign and indefeasible justification is truth." London Daily Telegraph.

" The Seven Seas is packed with inspiration, with humor, with pathos, and with the old unequaled insight into the mind of the rank and file." London. Daily Chronicle.

" Mr. Kipling s The Seven Seas is a distinct advance upon his characteristic lines. The surpassing strength, the almost violent originality, the glorious^ swish and swing of his lines all are there in increased meas ure. . . . The book is a marvel of originality and genius a brand-new landmark in the history of English letters." Chicago Tribune.

"In The Seven Seas are displayed all of Kipling s prodi^ioi-s gifts. . . . Whoever reads The Seven Seas will be vexed by the desire to read it again. The average charm of the gifts alone is irresistible." Boston Journal.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.

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