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Woodthorpe. A Reminiscence of a Physician. By Kelly Kenyon 1, 171, 300, 432
Female Novelists 19, 164, 313, 439
The Eve of All-Souls. By Mrs. Acton Tindal 28, 147, 295, 456
Was Wallenstein Guilty? 31
The Rovings or the Ripple; or, Scenes and Adventures During my Summer Cruise 39
I'm Thinking of the Past. By J. E. Carpenter 57
The Ancestress; or, Family Pride. Br Mrs. Bushby 58
How Jeremiah Tubbs became Engaged in the Irish Elections of 1852 65
Digging for Gold 76
Young Tom Hall's Heart-aches and Horses 90, 238, 354, 472
Queen Victoria's Channel 102
Count D'Orsay 112
The Legends or Chilton Hall. By Dudley Costello 127
Literary Leaflets. By Sir Nathaniel 142, 265, 424
Tibet and the Himalaya 151
I cannot leave Old England. By J. E. Carpenter 163
The Witch-Cats in Schleswig-Holstein. By John Oxenford 190
Ballooning in its Infancy 197
The Old House of Tregolph. By the Author of "The Baron's Revenge" 206
Living Branches on Dead Trees 222
The Pilgrim Rock, Ilfracombe, North Devon. By Mrs. Bushby 228
Latest Notes on America 229
The Duke of Wellington 252
Some Reminiscences of the Duke of Wllington 253
On the Death of the Duke of Wellington. By Mrs. Bushby 263
Esben. From the Danish of S. S. Blicher. By Mrs. Bushby 275