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Rise but to be dispelled—
For here where I am cast,
Such visions may not last,
By sterner fancies quelled:
Relentless Nemesis my doom hath sent—
This cruel banishment!




A fleet set sail upon a summer sea:
'Tis now so long ago,
I look no more to see my ships come home;
But in that fleet sailed all 't was dear to me.

Ships never bore such precious freight as these,
Please God, to any woe.
His world is wide, and they may ride the foam,
Secure from danger, in some unknown seas.

But they have left me bankrupt on life's 'change;
And daily I bestow
Regretful tears upon the blank account,
And with myself my losses rearrange.

Oh, mystic wind of fate, dost hold my dower
Where I may never know?
Of all my treasure ventured what amount
Will the sea send me in my parting hour!