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��36, 40, 73, 180, and especially 61, of the Acts; 17, 31, 37, 46, 47, 67**, 73, 80, 109, of the Pauline Epistles; 7, 14, 31, 38, 47, 51, 82, 95, of the Apocalypse. Cod. 01 (Mont- fortianus, of the 16th century, in Dublin) U celebrated iu the controversy on the spurious passage 1 John v. 7, which it contains on a glazed page, to protect it, and which passed from this MS. into the printed editions of the common Greek text, and the translations made from it. The cursive. MSS. have been chiefly compared by Mill, Wctstein, Griesbach, Matthnei, Scholz, Tischcndorf, Tregcllcs, and Scrivener; but many arc yet waiting exam- ination.

The following is a specimen of Cod. 1 Basiliensis of the Gospels (tenth century) ; known to Erasmus, but little used by him ; collated by Wetstein, Roth, and Tregellcs.

���Sptcimen of the Codex Batilunti,ofthe tenth (tnhiry, containing Luke i. 1, 2, nearly as in all Greek Testament*.

i'ayy[Xioi'] card Xovtav:

txtilrjirtp troXXoi Tri\tif>T)tat> tn-art'iZaaQai | w\ijpo$of>tifiivuv | if ifft'tv vpayparuv. t jrapx'} ff avroKTtu fai i-njpirni ytvofitvoi.

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