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The Palace of Pleasure.


The Romaines and the Albanes being at warres, for iniuries mutually inferred, Metius Sussetius the Albane captaine deuised a waye by a combate, to ioygne lothe the cities in one. Victorie falling to the Romaines, the Romaine victor killed his sister and was condemned to die. Afterwardes vpon his fathers fute he was deliuered.

AS the name of Palace doth carie a port of Maiestie as propre for princes and greatest estates, and as a Palace and Court by glorious viewe of loftie Towers, doe set forth an outwarde showe of greate magnificence; and as that glittering fight without importeth a brauer pompe and state within, whose worthiest furni ture (besides the golden and curious ornamentes) resteth in the Princely train of courtly personages, most communely indowed with natures comliest benefites and rarest giftes incident to earthly Goddes, as well for the mindes qualities, as for the bodies acts. So, here at our first entrie, I thought to staye as it were at the gate of this palace, to discouer the incountrie of fixe renowmed Gentlemen, brethren of equal numbre, that, by consent of either state, sought and vsed dedes of armes, not for sportes of Ladies, or for precious prises, but for Countrie quarell and libertie of Natiue soyle. For the vpper hand and vniting two most mighty Italian cities, that besore bare eche other moste mortall spite and deadlye soode, whiche in ende after the bloudie skirmishe of those chosen brethren (for sauing of a bloudier battell) were conioyned in