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Sextus Tarquinius rauifhed Lucrece. Andjhe lewayling the loffe of her chqftitie, killed her f elf e.

GREAT preparation was made by the Romaines, against a people called Rutuli, who had a citie named Ardea, excelling in wealth and riches which was the cause that the Romaine king, being exhaufted and quite voyde of money, by reason of his fump- tuous buildinges, made warres vppon that countrie. In the time of the fiege of that citie the yonge Romaine gentlemen banqueted one another, amonges whom there was one called Col- latinus Tarquinius, the sonne of Egerius. And by chaunce they entred in communication of their wiues, euery one prayfing his feueral spouse. At length the talke began to grow hot, whereupon Collatinus said, that words were vaine. for within few houres it might be tried, how much his wife Lucretia did excel the rest, wheresore (quoth he) if there be any liuelihod in you, let us take our horfe, to proue which of oure wiues doth furmount. Wheruppon they roode to Rome in poft. At their comming they sound the kinges doughters, fportinge themfelues with sondrye pastimes: From thence they went to the houfe of Collatinus, where they sounde Lucrece, not as the other besore named, fpending time in idlenes, but late in the night occupied and bufie amonges her maydes in the middes of her houfe fpinning of woll. The victory and prayfe wherof was giuen to Lucretia, who when me faw her hufband, gentlie and louinglie intertained him, and curteouflye badde the Tarquinians welcome. Immediately Sextus Tarquinius the sonne of Tarquinius Superbus, (that time the Romaine king) was incenfed wyth a libidious deiire, to conftrupate and defloure Lucrece. When the yonge gentlemen had bestowed that night pleafantly with their wiues, they retourned to the Campe. Not long after Sextus Tarquinius with one man retourned to Collatia vnknowen to Collatinus, and ignorant to Lucrece and the rest of her houf- hold, for what purpose he came. Who being well intertayned, after fupper was conueighed to his chamber. Tarquinius burn-