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News from John Burroughs

West Park, N. Y., May 27, 1906.

To W. B. Mershon:

Dear Sir:—I can give you no more definite information about that flock of pigeons that I reported to Forest and Stream. I have no doubt about the fact. If you will write to C. W. Benton, Prattsville, N. Y., he can put you in communication with several people who saw the flock.

I am just about to write to Forest and Stream of another very large flock of pigeons that was seen to pass over the city of Kingston, N. Y., on the morning of the 15th. I have written to Judge A. T. Clearwater of that city, who replies that he has talked with many persons who saw the pigeons and who had seen the pigeons years ago. The flock is described as a mile long. I am going up to Kingston soon to question the persons who saw the flock. If I learn anything to discredit the story I will let you know. We never have a flight of any birds here that could be mistaken for pigeons by any one who had ever seen the latter. If these flocks were pigeons, where have they been hiding all these years?

Very sincerely yours,

John Burroughs

Prattsville, N. Y., June 9, 1906.

W. B. Mershon, Saginaw, Mich,:

Dear Sir:—Yours of the 6th inst. is before me and I hasten to reply. Now, in the first place, you speak