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I. His Early Years. 1

II. His Three Cruises. 10

III. He Resorts to the Pen. 26

IV. His Astronomical Work. 44

V. His Wind and Current Charts. 51

VI. His Physical Geography of the Sea. 66

VII. His Extra-professional Interests. 85

VIII. His Treatment by the "Retiring Board". 107

IX. Shadows of Coming Troubles. 118

X. As His Friends and Family Knew Him
before the War. 128

XI. His Part in the Civil War: In Virginia. 143

XII. His Part in the Civil War: In England. 168

XIII. With Maximilian in Mexico. 186

XIV. Reunited with His Family in England. 202

XV. His Last Years in Virginia. 220

XVI. His Posthumous Reputation. 242