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General Remarks about Coition

Praise be given to God, who has placed man's greatest pleasure in the natural parts of woman, and has destined the natural parts of man to afford the greatest enjoyment to woman.

He has not endowed the parts of woman with any pleasurable or satisfactory feeling until the same have been penetrated by the instrument of the male; and likewise the sexual organs of man know neither rest nor quietness until they have entered those of the female.

Hence the mutual operation. There takes place between the two actors wrestling, intertwining[1], a kind of animated conflict. Owing to the contact of the lower parts

  1. The word "nitah" used by the author, signifies the mutual attack of two horned animals, first knocking their heads together, and then stepping back, after having tried to interlace their horns; it is a quick interchange of blows between two combatants. The expression of the Arabic author is a simile which I could not easily reproduce.