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Concerning Praiseworthy Men

While Hamdonna was listening she nearly swooned, and set herself to examine the member of Bahloul, which stood erect like a column between his thighs. Now she said to herself: "I shall give myself up to him," and now "No I will not." During this uncertainty she felt a yearning for pleasure between her thighs, and Eblis made flow from her natural parts a moisture, the fore-runner of pleasure.[1] She then no longer combated her desire to cohabit with him, and reassured herself by the thought: "If this Bahloul, after having had his pleasure with me, should divulge it no one will believe his words."

She requested him to divest himself of his robe and to come into her room, but Bahloul replied. "I shall not undress till I have stated my desire, O apple of my eye."

Then Hamdonna rose, trembling with excitement for what was to follow; she undid her girdle and left the room, Bahloul following her and thinking: "Am I really awake or is this a dream?" He walked after her till she had entered her boudoir. Then she threw herself on a couch of silk, which was rounded on the top like a vault, lifted her clothes up over her thighs, trembling all over, and all the beauty which God had given her was in Bahloul's arms.

Bahloul examined the belly of Hamdonna, round like an elegant cupola, his eyes dwelt upon a navel which was like a pearl in a golden cup; and descending lower

  1. The words "Eblis made flow a moisture" (djera Eblis menha madjera el dem) is an Arabian idiom, expressing that a woman is getting lusty; the sexual parts get moist. Eblis is a rebellious angel who refused to bow down before Adam when God ordered him to do so. Sometimes Eblis is also used as a gen» eral name for the devil, Satan, demon.