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The Perfumed Garden

Forthwith Bahloul threw himself upon her, and with one push completely buried his member in her vagina; then he began to work as with a pestle, and she to move her bottom, until both again did flow over at the same time.

Then he rose from her side, left his robe, and went. The negress said to Hamdonna, "O my mistress, is it not as I have told you? Bahloul is a bad man, and you could not get the better of him. They consider him as a subject for mockery, but, before God, he is making fun of them. Why would you not believe me?"

Hamdonna turned to her and said, "Do not tire me with your remarks. It came to pass what had to come to pass, and on the opening of each vulva is inscribed the name of the man who is to enter[1] it, right or wrong, for love or for hatred. If Bahloul's name had not been inscribed on my vulva he would never have got into it, had he offered me the universe with all it contains."

As they were thus talking there came a knock at the door. The negress asked who was there, and in answer the voice of Bahloul said, "It is I." Hamdonna, in doubt as to what the buffoon wanted to do, got frightened. The negress asked Bahloul what he wanted, and received the reply, "Bring me a little water." She went out of the house with a cup full of water. Bahloul drank, and then let the cup slip out of his hands, and it was broken. The negress shut the door upon Bahloul, who sat himself down on the threshold.

  1. These words, "each vulva, etc." (Koul ferdj mektoub ali esm nakahon) allude to the phrase taken from the traditions left by Mohammed and often repeated by Mussulmans, "Each man has his destiny written on his forehead, and no one can take it off."